Solar Boom expected to hit MENA region

According to a status report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), governments in the MENA region are driving forward the growth of renewable energy by setting ambitious goals and conditions.

While 19 MENA states have now set targets for specific technologies, 18 have even passed laws promoting the use of renewable energy, covering topics such as feed-in tariff requirements, subsidies and net metering. In response to high electricity prices and their enormous electricity requirements, countries in Africa and the Middle East are tapping the region’s high solar potential by building more and more large-scale PV power plants.

GTM Research and the Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA) predict an annual volume of 3.5 GW in the MENA region’s solar market by 2015. By 2017, this demand is even expected to exceed 10 GW. 70% of this new capacity is set to be installed in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, which looks likely to reach the gigawatt mark by 2015, beating all other countries in the region.

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