Who For?

  • PV project developers
  • International EPC companies
  • Operation & Maintenance Contractors
  • Construction companies
  • Solar industries (modules, inverters, BOS)
  • Financial players: investment bankers, private equity investors, bankers, venture capitalists and other financiers
  • Lawyers
  • Insurers
  • International equipment manufacturers
  • Research and development organisations and technical institutes
  • Industry consultants and solutions providers

The participants will be senior and high-level management executives and specialists.



What to Learn?

  • The impact of desert circumstances on PV power plant performance (dust, temperature)
  • Experiences with PV plant operations in the Saudi Arabia desert 
  • Operation & Maintenance requirements in desert areas
  • Business opportunities for solar PV project development in the Saudi desert 
  • The achievable levelized cost of solar energy
  • Financing and funding opportunities for solar PV power plants in Saudi Arabia
  • Practical experiences with PV project development in Saudi Arabia
  • Insights and details of the government ambitions, plans and roadmap for solar
  • Experiences and visions of the leading stakeholders and businesses
  • Network and partnership opportunities with international leading PV businesses
  • Challenge your ideas and explore joint opportunities with experts and peers 

Participants Past Events

Solarplaza organized more than 40 international PV trade missions and expert conferences. These are some of the companies that joined before.


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