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Solarplaza contact-details:
Telephone: +31 10 280 9198
E-mail: t.vanderlinden@solarplaza.com

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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for the conference? 
A: Head on over to the registration page, where you can immediately register and pay for your ticket, making sure your seat is saved.

Q: Do I receive a ticket that I need to show at the event?
A: The payment-system 'Amiando' automatically provides you with a ticket after completing the registration process.

Q: Do I get copies of all the presentations?
A: Yes, after the conference, all the participants will receive instructions on how they can download all the sheets from the website. 

Q: After registering, can I still cancel my participation?
A: For details on cancellation policies, please see the terms & conditions