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1. One-day Masterclass

The conference is a full-day information-packed masterclass, which will give you a comprehensive overview of the impact of Saudi desert circumstances on PV power plant performance and the relevant dynamics of the Saudi Arabian solar market. Covering policy, energy dynamics, project development, project financing and more, this day will provide new entrants with a solid basis from which to build partnerships with Saudi companies. It will give all stakeholders a complete overview of current developments; and it will offer the more experienced players a head start against their competitors.  

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2. High Level Speakers

Desert Solar in Saudi Arabia will feature a high-level line-up of Saudi and international expert speakers, representing all aspects of the engineering, financing, and operation & maintenance of large solar PV power plants. Financial experts will highlight investment and financing opportunities; and already active developers, suppliers, EPC's, and top research experts will share their experiences on operating PV power plants in the Saudi Arabian desert.  

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3. Connect with the local industry

Being the first high-level solar PV strategy conference focused on the impact of desert circumstances, the event is sure to attract a crowd of both international and local solar entrepreneurs, investors, installers and developers. This is the perfect opportunity to meet the local players, expand your network, and build partnerships.   

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4. International experience

The Desert Solar in Saudi Arabia conference is part of the Solar PV Trade Mission: Saudi Arabia, during which 20 international solar executives will explore the opportunities for their multinational businesses to expand into the Saudi Arabian solar energy market. These executives bring valuable international expertise and foreign capital – and in turn will be looking for local experts and partners to work with. An opportunity worth exploring. 

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5. It’s your event

There will be plenty of room for interaction, to enable you to get the most out of this event. After each presentation, there will be a Q&A session with the experts on stage, so you can ask them the questions that are most relevant to your business. Add to that the excellent networking opportunities, enabling you to tap into a business and information source that could generate enough leads and form a basis for sustainable partnerships to explore the inevitable market opportunities.  


A certain kind of magic

Our ‘The Solar Future’ conferences in emerging solar energy markets are, in many ways, a case of ‘The best of both worlds’. This major local conference, organised with local partners and targeted at the domestic market players, coupled with an exploratory international trade mission featuring ‘fast-moving’ entrepreneurs from abroad, guarantees a certain kind of magic.

The event will provide a unique opportunity to connect the local crowd, which knows the lay of the land and has been through the mill, with the foreign crowd that has the international experience and knowhow.